Anti-Condensation in Metal-Walled Livestock Buildings

Zhongtuo design a new type material is aimed to create the most durable and sustainable environment and make the sure the livestock thrive. It is the known to all that the Thermal And Moisture Control In Metal Panels are quite important.

  1. First, we need to keep warm for the livestock either for keep warm or keep cold.
  2. Second, we need to keep roofing against condensation for water drops may scare the livestock.
  3. The material we use should be environmentally friendly, it can not contain any chemical which will be do harm to the livestock.

Zhongtuo new material is specially designed for that:

Anti-Condensation in Metal-Walled Livestock Buildings- new material options:

This type new material we design could be in many types full customized according to your needs.

Here let me introduce this material.

For the nature, it could have the following elements layers:

That means the coil you could choose surface with two layers, single layers and bottom with two layers or single layers. And also the polymer foam thickness you can choose according to your requirements.

Normally we do suggest the 3 layer for livestock building that is enough.

  1. Anti-aging transparent layer, this type you also can choose other colorful layers with beautiful pattern. It can be used to Protective material paint film, reflecting sunlight, so even if 10 years later, it also can keep the roofing sheet beautiful.
  2. Aluminium foil layer:  it have has Participate in UV anti-ultraviolet agent, so it can truly resist UV rays, and it is good in the aspect of heat insulation, rain insulation, wind resistance, snow resistance, and no noise.
  3. Polymer film: it is good to make the Aluminium foil layer together with the metal plate,by heating. Zhongtuo new material is good, as it is totally no glue, by heating to make all layers together. So it is fully environmentally friendly.
  4. PE Foam layers:PE foamed cotton (polyethylene cross-linked), also known as cross-linked foamed cotton, is a new type of environmentally friendly material. It is non-toxic, odorless, sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, no pollution to the atmosphere during incineration, and good resilience. Feel free to adjust the hardness and thickness, light weight and other characteristics. The most important, it can absorb Anti-Condensation.

Now to the shape of roofing or cladding, you can choose any shape, we can supply the roofing sheet and rolling forming machine both. Here are some popular drawing profiles for your reference:

Those are roofing sheet with PE foam filming.


When installation on the roofing, it looks like this:


If you need other elements of the roofing, we can also try to supply for you:



Also it is good for farm:

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