Anti-aging new material and metal roofing sheet

Metal roofing sheet used in the construction of roof,such as Villa,warehouse,factory,carport,farm market,green house .etc.

On this basis,Zhongtuo designed the Anti-aging new material and metal type roofing sheet.This new type roofing sheet,can be customized as the shape of roofing sheet you need,and compared to the normal PPGI metal roof sheet,It is better in terms of lifetime and muti-function.

Anti-aging new material1
Anti-aging new material2

Good shape finished products,for good connection.

Anti-aging new material3
Anti-aging new material5
Anti-aging new material and metal roofing sheet
Model ChooseBasic model2 layers
Enhanced model5 layers
Luxury model8 layers or customized
Composition MaterialAnti-aging nano film

Natture: PET

Thickness : 36u

Polymer filmThickness : 0.04
sheet-zinc layer of galvanized sheet/PPGIthickness : 20g/m2
Foam layer

Material : XPE

Thickness :2.5-3.0

Aluminum foil layer

Mode : 8079#8111#

thickness : 0.060.06


Material : XPE

Thickness :2.5-3.0


Product display as following :

Anti-aging new material6

Anti-aging flim nature

The present invention provides a high-strength anti-aging plastic film formulation,which is characterized in that it is composed of the following components

  • by weight: 70-90 parts of polyvinyl chloride;
  • 10-15 parts of amino resin;
  • 10-14 parts of chlorosulfonated polyethylene 12-18 parts of hydroxypropyl cellulose;
  • 13-16 parts of nano-silica;30-40 parts of glycerin;
  • 2-5 parts of pentachlorophenol;
  • 10-15 parts of polyethylene wax ;
  • 2-4 parts of anti-aging agent;
  • Coupling agent 1-4 parts;
  • synthetic agent 4-6 parts.
  • The film provided by the present invention has good anti-aging performance.The addition ofnano-silica in the formula greatly improves the strength of the film and can prolong the servicelife of the film; and the addition of hydroxypropyl cellulose in the formula can also increase the resistance of the film. Mildew performance, better use effect

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