Why choose Zhongtuo multi-layer film material?

July 6, 2021

Stainless steel coated tile is a high-strength special steel plate or aluminum plate as the base plate, and the front and back sides are compounded with anti-corrosion and heat insulation materials. It is an anti-corrosion factory roof tile that integrates anti-corrosion and heat insulation.


Thanks to the unique patented technology “multi-layer composite anti-corrosion technology”, the stainless steel tile has good acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance and other properties. It is guaranteed for more than 10 years under corrosive environment, and its service life is more than three times longer than that of Baosteel tile.


The reflection coefficient of mirror silver in the laminated tile composite material for light and heat is as high as 81%, while the color steel tile will absorb heat; the thermal conductivity of the composite material is as low as 2.93W/mk, and the thermal conductivity of the color steel tile is as high as 40W/mk . Compared with the standard workshop of color steel tile, the temperature of the coated tile is more than 8 degrees in the summer high temperature season

For users of factory house renovation, the stainless steel tile can provide customized renovation construction services, and is equipped with special stainless steel anti-rust screws to ensure that the screw holes are also rust-free and leak-free. Let the user complete the renovation project of the factory building with a single phone call.

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